Lyrics 4th Avenue Jones – Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi Lyrics – 4th Avenue Jones

In this world that we in / you can lose or you’ll win / but it’s never a draw / and as quick as you can make it / it’s a hater tryna take it/ don’t be thinkin’ life is easy it’s hard / I got some girls that I know / who get with guys for they doe / but they ain’t happy what’s the use of the wealth? / Turnin’ tricks like a Retriever / what’s gon’ happen when he leave her? / See that’s why you gotta do for yourself / This world move so quick I hyperventilate breathin’ / runnin’ through the city ain’t no time for grievin’ / so many hate livin’ but too scared to die / hip-hop is the way that we cry / ghetto lullabies
Became a sinner right before a winner

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